choosing right wordpress hosting

Are you confused in choosing the best managed WordPress hosting?

We are here to help you out showing the real case-study, in-depth review on the best providers in the market.

How do we test the hosting performance?

Well, we have created a common website which is populated with dummy contents including HD images, internal(self-hosted) & external(youtube) video. And totally non-optimized. Then we test the prototype site on Pingdom, GTmetrix and Google PSI. We try both CDN and without CDN option.

Here are our recent and totally honest in-depth reviews and case study on top managed WordPress hosting company out there. Hope, it will make you convinced to choose the right WordPress hosting.

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Managed WordPress Hosting FAQ

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is a service where all the hosting and WordPress update features are being managed by the host. Also, the hosting company will provide top notch support. Re security, they prevent any cyber-attack, take backup everyday as well.

What the key differences are between shared and managed hosting?

They key difference is computing resources and system architecture for virtualization. In shared hosting, many websites can be hosted on a server. That’s why the website performance can be degraded. On the other hand, the managed hosting has a very few websites. Another difference is the managed WordPress hosting take cares the WordPress updates, security patches, themes & plugins vulnerabilities. But the shared hostings don’t.

Which managed hostings are best for WordPress site?

There are a few top-notch managed wordpress hosting providers i.e- Kinsta, WP Engine, Bluehost, Dreamhost, A2, Siteground etc. Choosing the best and suitable WordPress hosting is totally up to your needs.

Why managed hosting is expensive?

Because it uses more computing resources, extra efforts, and has better automatic support like cyber-attack protection, WordPress security updates, vulnerability detections, load balancing etc.

How secure is the WordPress hosting?

Very secure. The hosting will take care of any kind of cyber-attacks. They neutralize any DDos attack; detect vulnerable WordPress themes and plugins by scanning sites 24/7. Also, the host takes backups of the website’s data regularly.

Is managed WordPress hosting scalable?

Yes! Generally any big website with millions of page views and thousands of logged-in users is very normal. Although it needs a very high-config computing resources. This is why managed hosting is proving better resources like content delivery network, load balancing servers, dedicated database servers etc.

Which are the best but cheap hosting?

This is very tough questions. Actually every hosting is giving away a very cheap price for first year. You can start from the top tier hosting.

Which hosting is best for high traffic website?

As you know managed hosting’s resources are limited to each plan. So it’s hard to say. For example, Kinsta is giving 20k visitors per month in their starter package and there will be overage billing if you exceed. You better try calculating.

Is CDN free with managed WordPress hosting?

Some comes with FREE, some none. For example, Kinsta, WP Engine are providing free CDN. In Flywheel, Cloudways you need to buy CDN.

Is VPS better than managed WordPress Hosting?

It is totally different thing. For your information, managed WordPress hosting can be shared. Whereas the VPS hosting is not. A better configured VPS(for example: 4 to 8GB RAM, 4 Core CPU) can be way better than managed WordPress hosting.

Why managed WordPress hosting?

Because it is tension free. You just need to get your blogging, marketing job for your website going. The security, backup everything will be taken care of by the host.